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Prestan Child Manikin Rental: $10 a day

  • Manikins are only rented to AIM Training Solutions approved instructors with at least 48-hour advance notice and pickup/drop off at our office is by appointment only. Manikins are rented on availability and a first come-first serve basis.

    All equipment is to be signed out and back in on return.

    Rental of all equipment is limited to consecutive 2 business days. Payment is due upon equipment pickup.

    Manikins are to be returned in pre-rental working order. Failure to comply will create future rental restrictions by AIMTS and instructor will be responsible for replacement cost.

    Full cash value is due for any equipment damaged or missing (actual replacement and/or repair costs) within 2 weeks of written notification. All equipment is to be accounted for and checked in by AIM Training on return.

    Late fees: 1/2 of the total rental fee for every hour 1-8 hours late; full day's rental fee if equipment is 8+ hours late. For example, ifyou rent equipment on Thursday at 10am, it must be returned by 10am on Friday, to avoid late fees.


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